Hebrew: at the crossroads between an ancient yet technologically advanced nation

A Global Leader in the Hi-Tech Industry and much more

As confirmed by the recent demand for Hebrew translations recorded by our Institute for Language Research, Israel is home to a fast growing economy and is a strong player in the Information Technology and Scientific sectors. The 1980s saw many Israelis who had been working in Silicon Valley return to their homeland. This sparked the growth of high tech industry in Israel dubbed “Silicon Wadi”, second in the world only to its Californian counterpart. The Israelis have been called one of the world’s most “Technologically-literate” populations and in 1998 Newsweek named Tel Aviv one of the ten most technologically influential cities in the world. Sixteen of Israel’s leading software companies are listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Alongside its Hi-Tech sector, Israel dominates the field of Scientific Research, ranking fourth in the world for scientific activity. Israeli scientists have contributed to advances in agriculture, computer science, electronics, genetics, medicine, optics, solar energy, and various fields of engineering.

Israel also develops, manufactures and exports a large number of aerospace products, including display systems, aeronautical computers, instrumentation systems, drones and flight simulators. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, headquartered in Petah Tikva, is the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world and one of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide. It manufactured 63 billion tablets and capsules in 2010 alone.

Scientific and Technical Translations in Hebrew

The demand for technical translations in Hebrew is high and Studio Moretto Group is ready to meet the challenge with its specialised Technical and Scientific Translation Department. We have experts in translating and editing documents in fields such as software programmes, international standards and patents, technical specifications, tender regulations, technical manuals, etc. Our Language Research Institute (CRL) is responsible for keeping track of all the latest sector-specific terminology and works alongside our linguists to ensure the most accurate and precise translations, also for Hi-Tech applications.

Financial Translations in Hebrew

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Israel ranked 1st in the world for spending on research and development, all thanks to its thriving venture capital industry which has grown 60-fold from 1991 to 2000. Israel has about 70 active venture capital funds, 14 of which are international companies with offices operating in Israel, and an additional 220 international funds which actively invest in the country. It also has numerous incubator and investment programs as well as a complex financial system for funding research. Translating financial documents can be long and arduous but SMG UK Translations Limited (SMG UK) specialises in Financial Translations and has its own Legal and Financial Translation Department which regularly works alongside lawyers, notaries, courts, accountants, banks and insurance companies to provide high quality linguistic services.

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