SMG UK - quality oriented multinational

Studio Moretto Group is a multinational agency specializing in foreign language translation services. SMG UK Translations Ltd. is the British arm of the group with headquarters in London.

SMG is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards. The company relies on native speaker translators specialized in the subject area, and has its own language research institute (CRL) for the study of language and terminology development.

Clients who choose SMG enjoy 24-hour support from our dedicated project managers, who coordinate a consistently high-quality and personalized service.

Our management departments

General Management

The SMG General Management is made up of the General Manager (GM), Vice GM and by power-of-attorney holders authorised to act on their behalf.

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The GM performs the following tasks:

• Monitors the company departments.
• Manages investments towards development.
• Supervises legal, financial and corporate issues.
• Signs client, employee, and supplier contracts.
• Supervises the Service Improvement Plans.

Human Resources Department (HR)

The HR department is made up of an HR Director, by assistants and by Internal Trainers. This department employs multilingual operators, available in the SMG offices with 24/7 coverage, in order to identify talent in any language and nation.

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The HR performs the following tasks:

• Detects the need to introduce human resources and selects them.
• Updates the human resource assessments according to the results of the entrance test and of the services that they carry out.
• Detects non-conformity in human resources and coordinates their remedial actions and improvement plans.
• Coordinates training entrusted to the Trainer.

  • Project Management Department

The Project Management Department is made up of the Project Management Director, the Project Managers (PM) and their assistants.

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The Project Management Director supervises the PM and corresponds with the client in order to measure their satisfaction and improve services; to this end, they are available to the client every day and they propose meetings with the aim of improving the quality of services.

The PM assists the client and carries out the following tasks:

manages requests for services and provides the client with all the information, advice and support needed by telephone, e-mail and periodic meetings at the client’s offices;
coordinates Personnel and resources to carry out the services;
ensures the quality of services, detects non-conformities, implements remedial actions and improvement plans.

  • Language Control Center (LCC)

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This unit is composed of senior linguists who conduct audits on the quality of services to assure SMG UK that the Linguistic Personnel operate according to the Company’s quality standards.

  • Information Technology (IT) Department

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The IT department is made up of an IT Director, their assistants and by multiple external developers and technicians and carries out the following tasks:

• Supervises digital security.
• Renews and maintains the technological equipment.
Develops proprietary business software, such as the SMGDesk platform for terminology and process management.
Creates interfaces with the client’s systems and assists them in the use of SMG systems.
Assists the Project Management Department and the Linguists in the event of difficulties in formatting and management of CAT tools.

  • Administrative and Accounting Department

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The Administration Department is made up of the Administration Director and their multilingual assistants who carry out invoicing and payments, accounting, budgets and corporate compliance for all companies in the group.

  • Marketing and Sales Management Departments

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The GM oversees the MKTG and Sales Management Departments, assisted by professionals specialising in market analysis, service design and management of communication material. The promotion of services is entrusted to direct marketing operators (Promoters). Participation in tenders is entrusted to dedicated Project Managers.

  • Linguistic staff

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Translators, revisers, reviewers, proofreaders and interpreters in our offices and external freelancers.