CAT: Computer Assisted Translation service

What is Computer Assisted Translation and what are the benefits?

SMG UK can provide you with professional human translations supported by the use of CAT tools – computer assisted translation programs that supporting the work of our human translators, reducing delivery time and helping to ensure consistent terminology throughout all your translated content.

Unlike automatic translation, which is a poor substitute for a human translator, computer assisted translation tools apply special Translation Memories (TMs) created by our human translators and also identify and recover exact repetitions or partial matches of past translations in new texts, saving having to re-translate these parts each time.

SMG UK has a huge competitive advantage as it applies integrated CAT tools for translation management, with the following strengths:

  • CAT tools allow us to check old translations and improve them before using them in a new translation project. Over time, the quality of TMs and therefore that of the service improves, ensuring greater uniformity and faster delivery times.
  • The use of Computer Assisted Translation tools improves page formatting in publishing software since our translators work within the CAT tool, which can then import and format the translation in the publishing software.
  • CAT tool glossary functions allow us to store validated terminology and to extract useful glossaries for the client’s own use in house.
  • Support for technical writers with program settings that allow them to write in a simple and repetitive language which makes subsequent translations easier.

Do not fall for the false promises of machine translation! Technology can never fully replace humans in the translation process, but it can offer a helping hand. Explore the benefits of our professional computer assisted translation and receive a real human translation supported by smart technology!

CAT tools: how we retrieve repetitions

By integrating CAT tools such as Trados, Transit, Déjà Vu and Across, we are able to:

  • retrieve repetitions or partial matches to avoid having to re-translate them;
  • store terminology and make it available to the translators to guarantee uniformity of translation.

The use of CAT tools is always agreed with the client  on a case-by-case basis and requires that the client provides all the texts in their original editable format, so that SMG UK may retrieve past translations and create unique client translation memories (TMs).