Technical translations

The accuracy of a translator who knows your technical field

Manuals, projects, technical standards and catalogues translated by specialist translators and revisers: native-speaking engineers and technicians who are familiar with the subject matter and understand your needs. Our quality programme ensures an exceptional product, with attention right down to the smallest detail and rapid delivery, regardless of the electronic format required and the volume of work.

Our added value

  • Technical glossaries: the creation of specific glossaries for each client ensures uniformity of terminology for every job.
  • Text archive: at the request of the client, each text can also be saved in our electronic memory system, without therefore having to be translated from scratch in the event of future additions or changes.
  • Economies of scale: thanks to our optimized work process and the possibility of creating specific translation memories for each client, we ensure a constant high degree of terminological accuracy and we can also identify parts of translations that match or are similar to texts already translated previously, retrieving past work, which thus saves time and costs of the service.
  • Layout in all formats: we can provide translations in the formats requested by the client, processing them directly in InDesign, AutoCAD, QuarkXPress, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Illustrator, Publisher, Power Point, Excel and Coreldraw.
  • Speed: having dedicated staff always on hand in our foreign offices means we can manage urgent and large translation projects. Short translations into the most common languages (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and Chinese) can be delivered within one day and we can deliver up to a few hundred pages a day for long projects.
  • As a multinational agency, we can deliver translations in over 160 languages.

Special agreements for manuals

SMG UK offers custom agreements for companies and graphic designers that require translation services for manuals and catalogues on an ongoing basis. Our services include:

  • Urgent translations with delivery even in a few hours
  • Copywriting and revision
  • Advertising and website translations
  • Foreign language secretarial and support services
  • Interpreters for fairs, negotiations and company visits
  • Internal language courses


Specialist translations

Packaging: product packaging and packing

We deliver technical translations for primary packaging (packaging of individual sales units for the consumer), for the secondary packaging (grouping together several sales units to facilitate shelving in the outlet) and for the tertiary packaging (such as pallets or boxes for transporting multiple packs).

Agriculture: Agricultural machinery, crop and livestock farming

  • Traduzioni per l’agricoltura
    From the translation of the technical manual for an agricultural machine to the support of a simultaneous interpreter for a congress on agriculture, agronomy, floriculture, viticulture, gardening and irrigation and sowing techniques.
  • Gastronomy and oenology
    Translations for gastronomy and cooking (recipes, menus, tours and tourist guides) oenology (wine lists, labels and presentations) and for typical local products (preparation techniques and food & wine tours).
  • Agricultural machinery and animal handling

Drafting, editing and translating technical manuals for agricultural machinery (harrows, sod breakers, combine harvesters, walking tractors, motor mowers, balers, seed drills, muck spreaders, threshers, etc.) and plant engineering for livestock rearing and cogeneration. We can provide simultaneous interpreters especially in the areas of cattle breeding, dairy production, veterinary and animal transport.

Since 2007, we have provided official technical translations and simultaneous interpreting services for Public Administration in the context of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programmes.

Weapons: arms and defence

  • Aeronautical
    airport traffic management, aircraft and flight accessories
  • Sport and military supplies


SMG UK regularly invests in its internal staff of technical translators specialised in the defence and arms sector and in procedures for the security of classified information.

We provide translations and interpreters in the most common languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and Chinese) and rare languages (including Turkish, Serbian, Greek, Hindi or Thai), delivering translations for weapon assembly and maintenance manuals, technical data sheets, advertising brochures, tender specifications and technical bids. We provide interpreting services to the Italian Defence.

Construction: machinery and building sites

  • Construction:
    construction machinery, construction of bridges, roads and buildings, flooring, roofing, insulation and plumbing, sanitary and heating systems
  • Engineering: environmental, civil, oil, soil mechanics, electronic, management, mechanical and urban planning
  • Architecture and interior design
  • Cement and concrete: products and blast furnaces


We provide support to private companies and public bodies engaged in major works programmes, with foreign language translations and interpreting services for construction sites and technical/legal negotiations.

We can deliver civil, environmental and construction engineering translations in European languages (English, German, French, etc.) but also in Russian and Asian languages including Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. Our fields of experience include the translation of manuals for construction machinery, translation for the flooring sector and translation for plumbing, sanitary and heating systems.

Energy: solar, wind, hydropower

  • Energy
    production plants, renewables and hydrocarbons
  • Waste treatment and waste water treatment


Technical translation and interpreting for energy conversion and generation products, solar, wind, hydropower and cogeneration plant engineering, legal language support in the energy field.

During recent years, SMG UK has compiled an extensive internal database by standardizing its glossaries for translation in the energy sector, thus ensuring ever greater uniformity and terminological accuracy in its multilingual translations.

Plumbing, heating and sanitary: boilers, air conditioning, ventilation and bathrooms

Our native language translators at SMG UK are technical experts with many years’ experience. We have a team that is specialised in drafting texts on plumbing, thermal engineering and sanitary systems in foreign languages.

We have developed experience in particular in the translation of manuals, catalogues and technical drawings for valves, taps, fittings, boilers, air conditioning and ventilation systems, providing support to leading companies in their foreign communication in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and other European and Eastern languages. We also have a pool of expert interpreters who facilitate oral communication during technical visits, commercial negotiations, trade fairs and company conventions.

Information technology: software localization

  • IT
    hardware interfaces and software localization (esp. management programs, for telecommunications and industrial machines)
  • Automation
    and robotics: robotic islands, automated processing lines, monitoring, automated security and access control systems
  • Electronics and electrical engineering, electric motors
  • Household appliances
  • Telecommunications, esp. telephony
  • Measurement and control instruments, esp. nanotechnology


Our technical translators and computer engineering experts work on the translation and localization of management programs, telecommunications software, industrial machine interfaces and internet applications. In the management field, we have translated numerous interfaces and user guides for document management software, translation and content management programs, multilingual interfaces for company databases and statistical systems.

In the field of telecommunications, we have translated interfaces and manuals for telephony and signalling.

In the industrial automation sector, we provide translation services for machine tool programs, user-friendly control panels and related multilingual manuals.

The translation of texts specifically adapted for internet communication is a very recently developed linguistic specialisation: in order for the translation of Internet applications, websites, landing pages, blogs, social forums or newsletters to be truly effective, the words must be chosen carefully, structuring the sentences in such a way that they are easily viewable on screen… especially when the translation will be read on a compact smartphone or tablet.

Machine tools: CNC transfer, presses, lathes, milling and laser cutting

We support manufacturers and mechanical engineers with translations of technical documentation for machine tools and in particular computer numerical control (CNC) machines .

We have in-house translators who learn how the machines work before translating the manuals and catalogues into foreign languages for both universal machines and special machines, which are increasingly in demand today.

Finally, we have gained valuable experience in particular in translations regarding transfer machines and robotic islands for finishing operations. We can translate in particular manuals for lathes, boring machines, milling machines, drills, planers, shaping and slotting machines, grinding wheels, broaching machines and presses (for die-casting, cold and hot forging, extrusion and co-extrusion), bending machines, punching machines, sheet metal cutting machines (oxyfuel and laser).

Mechanical engineering: pumps, compressors, turbines and engines

  • Mechanical engineering
    production of hydraulic and oleodynamic parts in general, valves, pumps and transmission systems


Mechanical engineering translations for the production of pneumatic, hydraulic and oleodynamic components in general, operating machines (pumps, compressors, fans and refrigerators), drive motors (turbines and engines), valves, transmission systems, etc.

Fashion: clothing, accessories, jewellery and design

  • Clothing and fashion
    Translation of press releases and fashion texts for specialist periodicals and magazines. Catalogues and manuals for the producers of footwear, fabrics and leather goods. Particular specialisation in hosiery and knitwear. Interpreting for industry conferences and events
  • Textiles
    Production and treatment of fabrics


Translations for fashion catalogues, translations of advertising brochures for clothing, accessories and jewellery, instructions for watches and stopwatches in a foreign language, manuals for merchandising, logistics and organization of outlets.

Interpreters for fashion shows (you can find us at Milan Fashion Week), press conferences, negotiations and company conventions. We have completed over 370 days of simultaneous interpreting for the design and fashion design sector. We specialise in translation into English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as localization for the luxury market into Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

Refrigeration: cold cycle

Our translators have completed the multilingual drafting of manuals and catalogues for household appliances, industrial refrigerators, mobile coolers and refrigerators for mass retail.

Transport: rail and road

  • Transport by air, road and rail
  • Goods handling and storage systems


SMG UK provides translation services for the air, road and rail transport sectors. We deliver services to private companies (in particular, metalworking manufacturers of railway and automotive components) and public bodies, which we have been supporting recently in the development and promotion of combined transport. Our native speaker interpreters facilitate communication in foreign languages during conferences, technical visits and events in general.

We provide simultaneous interpreters (who translate as the speaker talks) and consecutive interpreters (who translate after the speaker), in all European languages (English, French, German, Spanish, etc.) and in most oriental languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Other specialised translations

  • Automotive: production of trucks, industrial vehicles, motorcycles, motor vehicles and accessories
  • Cosmetics: hair and beauty products
  • Jewellery and gemology
  • Lighting: lighting systems and devices
  • Woodworking: lindustrial and handcrafted woodwork, furniture and doors and windows
  • Marble working, flooring and surface treatment
  • Plastics processing: injection techniques and machines, cold and hot moulding, extrusion and co-extrusion
  • Metalworking: forging, stamping, rolling, turning, milling, welding, finishing with abrasives. Plumbing, carpentry and production of handles, taps and fittings, tableware, mechanical and automotive parts.
  • Metallurgy: technologies and processes for smelting, stamping and metalworking
  • Nautical boats and accessories