‘Money back guarantee’ and more!

Clients who choose Studio Moretto Group Srl (hereinafter also SMG) can rely on our extensive language experience and certified quality.

Below is an outline of the terms and conditions of sale applied to all services provided by SMG.

  • Quality: SMG shall provide the services requested by the Client exactly as described. Should the text prove particularly technically complex or devoid of context, the Client shall provide reference information to support the translators, such as explanations or reference material. SMG shall provide a professional translation, to be assessed on the basis of the accuracy of syntax and terminology, not on the subjective stylistic choices.
  • Page-setting: the translation services do not include page-setting, graphics and format conversion, which we can be agreed separately with the Client.
  • Complaints of quality deficiency: SMG shall correct any translation errors, at no extra cost to the Client, provided that such errors are notified via certified email (PEC) or registered post with signed-for delivery within 7 days of receiving the translation. Should the Client also find errors in the revised version, SMG shall refund the price of the incorrect parts of the translation, provided that such errors be reported to SMG via certified email (PEC) or registered post with signed-for delivery with 7 days of receiving the new translation.
  • Refunds for late delivery: in the event of late delivery for which SMG is responsible, SMG shall issue the Client with a partial refund of the price of the translation up to 100% of the total cost of the service. No refunds shall be issued for delays due to events beyond the control of SMG, such as email malfunction or causes of force majeure.
  • Non-acceptance of the assignment: should SMG, for whatever currently unforeseeable reason, be unable to accept an order, it shall issue prompt notification to the Client and refund the price paid.
  • Copyright: the Client declares itself to be the owner of the material provided or to be translated and that the service requested of SMG does not breach any rule of law. All rights to the material created by SMG are reserved, including, for example, the rights to translations, glossaries and translation memories.
  • Confidentiality: SMG and the Client acknowledge that they have been informed pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the regulations of their respective countries on the processing of personal data; therefore, they consent to the processing of their data for the purposes of law and of this agreement and authorise the disclosure of such data to the respective legal advisers, banks and any other person, company or authority whose involvement is necessary for the purposes of law and of this agreement. At the end of the assignment, SMG shall keep the documents provided for archiving purposes. The Client has read the privacy policy published on the website www.smglanguages.com and authorises SMG to disclose their name, as one of its clients, for commercial purposes including on the Internet.
  • Liability: SMG shall under no circumstances be held liable for any damages, either direct or indirect, including those relating to loss of profit, commercial goodwill or data, connected to the execution of contracts agreed with the Client, who undertakes to indemnify SMG against any claims made by third parties. The Client may not expect from SMG any implicit guarantee or condition of qualification for a specific purpose, ownership, non-violation of third-party rights and marketability. In any case, the liability of SMG is limited to the amount of the invoice.
  • Applicable law and jurisdiction: the execution and interpretation of this agreement shall be regulated by Italian Law and any disputes shall be heard before the Court of Brescia.