Consecutive business interpreting in person

Our business interpreters attend the client’s meeting and translate the dialogue among client and guests using consecutive interpreting (translating when the speaker stops).

This interpreting service is used in the following scenarios:

  • Negotiations and technical/business meetings that require the interpreter to attend in person for reasons of image or confidentiality.
  • Company visits during audits, product presentations and inspections; in the case of visits to sites with high noise levels, it is recommended that the interpreter be present on site and not via videoconference.
  • Training courses, for example on using a machine purchased abroad.

For informal events in which it is appropriate for consecutive translation to be delivered via a mobile device (smartphone, etc.) you may consider using our cost-effective remote consecutive interpreting solution, by which the interpreter translates via videoconference, thus eliminating travel costs.

SMG UK strongly recommends a maximum working day of 8 hours with breaks at least every 2 hours of work. For workloads beyond these limits, clients must request the services of two interpreters, who will work in rotation.


P.R. assistants with or without foreign languages

Non-specialist language support using consecutive interpreting.

Our personal relations assistants can translate non-specialist speeches, welcome foreign guests, perform simple secretarial services in foreign languages during conferences and present products based on the information received from the client.