Project management

SMG UK provides translation project management services: providing quality translation is a complex process involving not only the translators, but also proof-readers and experts in terminology and communications.

We have the managerial skills required to coordinate all the necessary resources and integrate them with those of the client, if needed.

Our project management achieves the objectives set by the client and provides them with a turnkey service. We coordinate and simplify the entire work process based on the following principles:

  • Introduction of appropriate technologies to contain costs and maximize efficiency. For example, we use CAT tools (software-assisted translation – not to be confused with very risky automatic translations) to retrieve past translations from a central memory and reuse them in new texts, which reduces the workload (and client costs) and maintains consistency between texts. Moreover, we use content management software to tracks every stage of text production and manage even technically complex multilingual translation projects in a clear and orderly manner.
  • Integration of our own resources with those provided by the client , including glossaries, management systems or even employees that the client wants to include in the work process.
  • Economic Analysis: accurate estimates according to the level of quality desired.
  • Constant monitoring of work progress by our qualified staff using special management software.

SMGDesk: our online platform that makes your life easier

In addition to providing clients with a dedicated Project Manager and international body of translators, SMG UK also provides access to the online SMGDesk platform (, which allows clients to:

  • order services and monitor their progress;
  • request quotes and information;
  • share the client-specific glossary;
  • view the profiles of translators assigned by SMG UK to the client;
  • receive real-time and detailed statistics on services.

SMGDesk is a secure and flexible system:

  • the client can define which actions can be taken by their offices or contact persons and can monitor these actions in real time;
  • access is protected by an encrypted user ID and password;
  • all data is saved by daily backups, both remotely and at the SMG UK offices;
  • disaster recovery procedures are in place;
  • the system is certified to ISO 9001 standards;
  • the platform can be integrated with the client’s systems;
  • clients who do not wish to use SMGDesk can contact the PM and agree to send requests and orders via email.

How we ensure timely and accurate management

Our Management Personnel ensure the smooth management of the assignments and provide support to the translators, guaranteed as follows:

  • Experience: our Project Management Department is made up of longstanding staff at SMG UK who are familiar with the pool of translators offered to the client.
  • Contracts: personnel availability is ensured by employment or guaranteed availability contracts.
  • Redundancy: in order to ensure continuity in the event of unforeseen events, each management task is assigned to at least two people, e.g. the Project Manager (PM) and their assistants. In addition, the PM has an Organizational Secretary, who automatically intervenes when the PM is off duty, on holiday or on sick leave: in this case, the SMG UK telecommunication system transfers the Client e-mails and calls to the Management Personnel on duty.
  • Holidays and shifts: our HR Department organizes holidays and work shifts in such a way as to have the necessary Personnel available.
  • Equipment: our Management Personnel are supplied with all the necessary systems to manage services both at our SMG UK offices and remotely using mobile devices. The Personnel use the SMGDesk web platform to share processes and information in real time, even remotely. The SMG UK telecommunications system transfers every client e-mail and call to the Management Personnel on duty.
  • Occupational health: SMG UK applies all the occupational health protection measures under local labour regulations.