Simultaneous videoconference interpreting

In addition to face-to-face interpreting, where the interpreter travels to the client, SMG UK can also provide simultaneous interpreting via videoconference or telephone – an innovative format useful for providing interpreting services in urgent or emergency situations by eliminating travel time and logistics, which also reduces the costs for clients on lower budgets, as well as allowing clients to use their preferred interpreter even when logistically impossible in person.

SMG UK uses videoconferencing technologies including Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Skype, Webex or GoToWebinar, among others.


Consecutive videoconference interpreting

The interpreter translates consecutively (translating after the speaker has stopped) but the translation is delivered remotely via a mobile device.

Consecutive videoconference interpreting can be useful, for example, in the following cases:

  • Technical/business negotiations that do not require the interpreter to be there in person.
  • Foreign sales assistance, provided by an interpreter who serves as the client’s technical and business intermediary with foreign contact, acting as if they were a member of the client’s foreign sales office.
  • Interpreting for foreigners in communication with social services where the interpreter does not need to be there in person.

For work lasting longer than 90 minutes, the interpreters must work in shift rotation