Technical Translations into German

With around 113 million speakers worldwide, German is not only the official language of Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein and of the German-speaking communities of Switzerland and Belgium, but it is also spoken by various linguistic minorities in Denmark (in particularly among those who live near to the German border) and in Italy (among the German-speaking communities in the autonomous region of Trentino Alto Adige).

German is the third most commonly ordered language among our European clients who ask us to translate their manuals, websites and presentations.

German is also among the most costly languages to translate, owing to the relatively high cost of living and high salary levels in German-speaking countries. The complexities of the language, notwithstanding attempts at simplification by the 1996 spelling reform, places German among the most difficult languages in the world to translate into, a fact which militates against attempts to do so by non-native translators.

Our company has found that Germany, Austria and Switzerland offer a high standard of training in translation. The presence of extremely selective translation universities and institutes has encouraged us to search for and find staff in situ.

Technical translations

Our German language staff have experience above all in the translation of technical, financial and legal texts. The most common areas of technical translation are mechanical engineering and transport-related engineering (trains and cars), machine tools, industrial automation, electrical engineering and civil engineering (especially underground construction).

Specialist German language interpreters

The training of our company’s director, Luca Moretto, as a parliamentary interpreter in German and the linguistic insight he developed has facilitated the acquisition of adequate resources to put together an internal team of interpreters for conferences and negotiations in the German language, and to develop an extensive external network of interpreters in various Italian cities (including Milan, Turin, Rome, Bologna, Florence, Brescia, Verona and Venice) and abroad. For information on the availability of our interpreters in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, click here.

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