Translating with passion and skill

SMG UK specializes in translation for the publishing and tourism sectors, coordinating the different stages of the project, from translation by our specialist literary translators to proofreading. Our translators work closely with our Language Research Institute (CRL), which is constantly updated on the latest developments in the project subject areas.

Translation and proofreading

We manage translation projects for publishing by coordinating the different stages of writing and publishing: from translation by our specialist literary translators, to revision/proofreading, pre-press editing and multimedia creations.


  • Fiction
  • Specialist Publications
  • Poetry
  • Travel and Reportage
  • Educational Texts and Children’s Books
  • Tourist Guides
  • Non-fiction and Critique
  • Journalistic Translations
  • Degree and Doctoral Theses
  • Press Releases


We also provide copywriting, proofreading, adaptation and optimisation services for publishers, private individuals and companies, offering our most valuable resource: the care and expertise of our specialist native linguists.

Our translators are in continuous contact with the client to ensure alignment to their way of thinking and a full grasp of even the subtlest nuances: because translation is first and foremost a passion.

Adaptation and correction of client translations

The ideal solution for verifying the correctness of your existing translations or to optimize them according to your needs.


Sectors of Specialization and References

Following are the areas in which SMG UK has taken care of the translation for publishing houses, individual authors and institutions.

  • Journalistic Translations: translation of articles and news reports
  • Tourist Guides: translation of brochures for tourist locations, monuments and food and wine tours
  • Fiction: translation of novels and short stories.
  • Poetry.
  • Non-fiction: literary, theatrical and musical critique. Translation of books on art, history, philosophy and religion.
  • Educational Texts: translation of texts for schools and courses.
  • Informative Texts: specialist translation in various sectors.
  • Travel and Reportage.
  • Entertainment and Film. Translation of subtitles and dubbing.


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