Managing your content in any format

Our clients can send us files in any format and we will return the translation in the same graphic format and with the original page layout.

For example, we can translate and process files in InDesign, FrameMaker, FreeHand, QuarkXpress, AutoCAD, CorelDraw, HTML, XML, PHP or .NET format. We even translate AutoCAD files in the less common languages, for use by designers and engineers around the world.


At SMG UK, our highly skilled translators work directly in the main editing and publishing programmes, without changing codes and text structures, with the support of special desktop publishing tools.

When needed, our multilingual publishing experts work alongside the translators to ensure the multilingual page-setting is true to the original and manage the formatting differences between languages.

The SMG UK translation service also offers the following features:

  • Our SMGDesk platform allows the client to share files, view content in progress and access the archive of previously translated material.
  • File format conversions available upon request.
  • OCR software for digitising paper documents.
  • Advanced software for editing PDFs and images.
  • Specialist audio-video web and multimedia services available upon request.
  • File sharing with secure HTTPS
  • Terminology and translation memories stored and shared in the TMX format.
  • Programming languages: we can translate websites and web applications directly in the client’s programming language (e.g. HTML, SGML, XML or PHP).
  • CAT Tools and localisation: we save translated texts in our electronic storage system to facilitate possible future editing and additions. We use CAT software such as SDLTrados, Transit, Wordfast, Across, and Déjà vu and we can also localise multilingual translations using the client’s chosen computer software.