Years of experience providing services to law firms, businesses, individuals and public institutions

SMG UK can provide you with professional translation services for official documents, such as contracts, patents, certificates and powers of attorney, with the option of sworn translations and legalized versions for use abroad.

Our translators are native speakers specialized in the legal sector, with in-depth knowledge of the subject and specific terminological expertise, who ensure that your translations are linguistically accurate and legally precise.

What do we mean by

Legal translation

  • Translations of legal texts, for example in the field of international law, contract law, maritime law, tax law, property law, insurance law, criminal law, corporate law and commercial law.
  • Translations of proceedings, public and private deeds, powers of attorney and contracts. Certified translations of registry, birth and marriage certificates, etc. Sworn interpreters for trials, interpreters for notarial deeds, company negotiations, court hearings, legal negotiations and conferences.

Special agreements for law firms and notaries

SMG UK offers special agreements to law firms and notaries for the provision of translation, interpreting and language support services, ensuring absolute confidentiality in the management of the information disclosed and reasonable delivery times.