Foreign communication with the right tools

Localising” a communication tool means adapting it to the culture and technological standards of a foreign market. This requires extensive technical and language skills and thorough understanding of the foreign audiences.

SMG UK’s global presence means that we can guarantee language services that are ‘tailor-made’ for the individual target market, precisely because our translators live and work locally.

Our native translators, copywriters, graphic designers and experts deliver multilingual translation and cultural adaptation in any format for:

  • Legal and commercial documents
  • Subtitles
  • Technical texts
  • User manuals
  • Catalogues and presentations
  • Journalistic articles and essays
  • Books and other publishing products
  • Websites
  • Software

Localisation services to adapt translations to local markets

Localisation is the reworking of a text after translation to adapt it to the context and culture of the country for which it is intended.

SMG UK reserves the right to adapt the texts directly during the translation. For a more accurate result, the localisation service must be expressly requested by the client, who is then closely involved in the process.


Special agreement for commercial companies and public bodies

SMG UK constantly seeks to create new synergies and promote the delivery of localised translation services on an ongoing basis, which is why we offer special agreements for commercial companies and public bodies, ensuring maximum fairness in the management of the contract.

Multilingualism and multiculturalism: the roots of an international translation agency

A translation agency with an international vision.

Supported by the professionalism of its translators from all over the world, SMG UK understands cultural differences and respects diversity.

We boast a truly international internal workforce and this is perfectly reflected in the flexibility with which the agency handles orders and our everyday relationship with our clients. At SMG, we don’t just understand the foreign language but we also grasp the cultural element of communication itself and can thus dialogue coherently with the interlocutor.

Our offices around the world employ predominantly local management, so that the client can converse easily with people of the same culture yet receive language services that engage the skills of translators and interpreters in the target country. This organisational approach comes from an understanding of the importance of cultural differences and the need to adapt to the client’s requirements.

The members of the international staff at SMG UK, united by a passion for languages and different cultures, successfully motivate and manage our pool of translators and interpreters all over the world.