Do you want your video to show translated subtitles? If you have made a film, a corporate video, an online course or even just a podcast and want to overlay the image with the written translation of the dialogue, then SMG UK can offer you of a professional solution in which we are very successful.

We provide a foreign language subtitling service, the choice of major production companies but also advertising agencies and bloggers from all over the world to make their content accessible to an increasingly large foreign audience. We offer translation and subtitle services for your audiovisual material in all languages, with the aim of helping you to make your creations increasingly accessible, in an extremely cost-effective way.

Translation + Subtitling

This service involves the transcription of the audio of your video, which is then translated and inserted into the video in the form of subtitles.

In addition to the on-screen insertion of subtitles, we guarantee the very best quality translations: we assign translators who are both native speakers and experts in the subject area, and the resulting translations are careful proofread by a second translator for possible corrections and to adapt the length of the segments to the space available for the text on screen, so that the subtitles match as closely as possible the rhythm of the speech. For example, this control prevents ‘broken sentences’, i.e. translated into subtitles that start on one screen and end on the next.

If you want to adapt your video for deaf people, we can translate closed captions, i.e. extra information that is displayed within the subtitles, such as, a brief description of the noises or background music.


Audio-video translation

The translation-only of audiovisual material involves the initial transcription of the audio of a sound recording or video, which is then translated into the language chosen by the client. The resulting translation is then delivered to the client as a text file. This service does not include the creation of subtitles. Again, the top quality of the translation is guaranteed by our expert native translators and scrupulous quality controls.



The subtitling-only service involves inserting a translation provided by the client into the video in the form of subtitles. This subtitling service is performed by our professional subtitlers and can be supplemented, upon request, with the revision and optimization of the translations provided, in order to optimize the text for use in the relative audiovisual material.

Would you like to receive a quote?

To receive a quick quote, please specify the following, where possible:

  • Choose the service you need: ‘Translation + Subtitling’, ‘Translation from audio-video’ or ‘Subtitling’.
  • Send us the recording/video.
  • Tell us the number of minutes of recording to be translated. Our quotes are based on the ‘standard 160 words-per-minute (WPM)’ adopted in the industry.
  • Let us know if you also need closed captions and we will contact you to decide on the best way to create them according to your needs.